Arizona has the top attractions for exploratory travelers

Grand Canyon:


The magnificent Grand Canyon is definitely one of the chief attractions of Arizona and America as well. This incredible landscape reveals the wonders of nature and its power. It has been carved out by the Colorado River. The wall of this canyon radiates a diverse range of colors in the sunny noon time including shades of red orange and yellow, as quoted by Planetware.

National Recreation Area of Glen Canyon:


National Recreation Area of Glen Canyon is a spectacular area of dramatic stone walls, desert landscape, and blue water. Along with the Glen Canyon, this place is also home to the largest man-made lake in the US – the Lake Powell.

Monument Valley:


Situated amidst the borders of Utah and Arizona, Navajo Tribal Park Monument Valley has stunning west wild landscape that includes sand dunes, dramatic buttes, and jagged rock formations. Travelers have the choice of taking a guided tour or self drive through the valley or photography tour.

Hoover Dam:


A massive structure that was completed in 1935 linking Nevada and Arizona along the Colorado River, Hoover Dam is one among the greatest engineering marvels of the world. Its length is 1,244 long and has a height of 726 feet. It also holds Lake Mead, one of the largest artificial lakes in the US.



The town of Sedona is situated in a stunning ambiance surrounded by buttes and red rock mountains. It is situated around one and half hour drive away from north of Phoenix. Travelers can enjoy the fabulous view from the highway that runs throughout the town.



Jerome is an old mining town that has emerged as a tourist attraction. It is situated alongside high mountains and the desert floor. Visitors will find interesting restaurants and stores in this town that has a steep hill with switchbacks that is the main street through the town.

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