Beaches, volcanoes and cloud forest make Costa Rica nature’s wonderland


Costa Rica is a nation that appeals equally to surfers and backpackers as well as luxury-focused travelers and bird watchers. The real treasure of the nation is in the small coastal villages and the forests. The best lovely squares and museums are found in the nation’s capital, the busy city of San Jose.

National Park at Manuel Antonio:


Manuel Antonio town attracts the travelers with its national park, beaches, fun, and wildlife. The national park at Manuel Antonio is renowned for its wildlife, forest and beautiful stretch of sand. The small town with its lively ambiance is in stark contrast with the tranquility of the national park, as quoted by the Planetware.

Arenal Volcano:


One of the top volcano viewing spots in the nation, the National park at Arenal volcano is situated in the rocky Cordillera de Tilarán. The Arenal volcano is the chief attraction of the national park and goes up to a height of 1, 633 meters. The appearance of this volcano perfectly fits one’s imagination with the crater giving out huge columns of ash and the cone-shaped mountain.



Costa Rica has renowned destinations for ecotourism with cloud forest sat Santa Elena and Monteverde. This is definitely a must go place for travelers who wish to drown themselves in the nature with its distinct wildlife and plants. The forests are covered by clouds that provide the required moisture that is needed to cater to the distinct habitats that are found only in these forests.



Situated in the Nicoya peninsula, beaching, surfing and fun are the must do things at Tamarindo. At present it is a favored traveler destination with its diverse amenities for tourists, accommodation, and good food, being just a silent village for fishing earlier. The town is spread along the 1.5 kilometers long Tamarindo beach.

National Park of Tortuguero:


Situated on the Caribbean coast, the national park of Tortuguero is quite unique and to an extent off the beaten path. One of the wettest regions in the nation, it is accessible by only plane or boat and has something distinct to offer than the rest of the entire Costa Rica. Turtle gazing is the chief activity at this park as it is a very crucial breeding habitat for the green sea turtle.

San Jose’s National Theater:


Considered to be the most stunning building in San Jose, the National Theater is the pride of Costa Rica. The building was constructed from the funds that were collected by the tax levied by the coffee barons on the exports of coffee in the 1890s. The artisans from Europe were brought to the city to construct the theatre.

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