Ethiopia has unique attractions for travelers with historic sites and varied lowland ecology


Africa has a hidden gem in the form of Ethiopia which is truly amazing. Seven of its magnificent cultural heritage sites are included in the world heritage list of the UNESCO. The unique nature of Ethiopia’s attractions is revealed by the Rocky Mountains, rivers, lakes and varied grassland flora and fauna.

Danakil Depression:


Situated in the north east direction of Ethiopia, Danakil depression shares the eastern Eritrean border of the Tigrian highlands. This place has been placed on records a being the one of the driest and hottest areas on the earth with average temperature of more than 35 degrees. It is an inspiring region of fascination for geologists with its hot springs, active volcanoes, salt basins, lava lakes and more than all the lunar landscapes, as quoted by the onestep4ward.



A visit to this place will leave you with the amazement that why it is not included in the latest wonders of the world. It has the eleven unbelievable monumental churches built in the 12th century by the King Lalibela that are rock-hewn.



This is the most ancient holy Islamic city in the continent that dates back to the 15th century. Harar is famed for the prehistoric sites and striking walls of the city. It possesses around 99 mosques and the city has an ambiance of the ancient Islamic lifestyle. The wild hyenas are a true highlight of this city.

The Rift Valley:


The numerous hot springs, abundant African wildlife and beautiful lakes are the chief attractions of the Rift valley. It is truly a paradise for the lovers of animals. Seven lakes with each lake having distinct features of its own are present in this passage. It is filled with diverse African wildlife.

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