Lights, Camera, South Korea: A guide to Seoul

Seoul is one massive city. So massive that it has a population of around 25.4 million. This is just behind behemoth cities of Tokyo in Japan, Jakarta in Indonesia and just ahead of Mumbai in India. Your first thought will be, “This city reminds me of New York”. Seoul is a living, breathing city that is a mesh of life and technology, a sign of a highly developed city.






Seoul has four seasons, very similar to that in Japan. The best time though is Spring season from March through to May. If you can’t make it then, visit Seoul during the Fall season from September through to early November. Both seasons are extremely contrasting to each other in terms of color. While spring through the colors of cherry blossoms’ pink and white, fall with introduce you to hues of orange, yellow and red.

When it comes to connectivity, Seoul’s Incheon International Airport is highly efficient and has connectivity to all major cities and airlines. Imitating other developed cities, cabs are quite expensive. However, like most other metropolis cities, you can take the train from the airport to the city by the Incheon Airport Railroad Express or AREX. From thereon, you can take its brilliantly connected subway to reach your destinations. Most of the boards have information in English, keeping situations of ‘lost in translation’ to a minimum.

Seoul is a massive city and there us so much to do here. Visit one of the Royal Palaces in GyeongbokgungorChandeokgung and watch the royal change of guards. This ultra modern city also has many ultra traditional houses, kept in perfect condition. Walk the narrow and maze-like streets in BukchonHanok Village and go back 600 years into the past. And for a birds eye view of the city, just go a-top the 480 meter tall Seoul Tower. And if you are into modern and whacked-out architecture, visit the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, at night, to see crazy levels of architectural thought patterns.

Let’s not get into the types of food Seoul will introduce you to. There is just way too much information to fit in one article. So we at X! Travel Club want to invite you to explore the city of Seoul, South Korea and be spellbound in the city that is alive. Contact our tour operators for custom-made tour packages to any place in the world you want to call home, if only for a few days.

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