MCI Management India launches the first Travel Business Show


Le Meridien at Gurgaon has hosted the first Travel Business Show in India that was organized by the MCI Management of India. The restricted and closed-door show intended to provide a single platform for buyers and selected exhibitors.

Priti Khanna, the Chairperson of MCI Management India said that the most important six trends for the MICE sector included issues related to talent. The industry needed far more skills than that are present. In fact, increased soft skills were needed than hard skills, she added.

Ms. Khanna elaborated at the inaugural session of the travel business show that the companies must have extensive training and development initiatives, as quoted by the Mice Breaking News.

The next issue facing the industry was the financial instability that has resulted due to government policies, war, and crimes. This is leading to a reduction of lead times and lowered budget for short term duration. People are delaying their decisions till the last moment. It was vital to assess the value of the meetings held.

The digital phenomenon is another vital factor that is defining the trends for the MICE industry. This implies that there will be extended life term for the events. The next vital factor is sustainability. It must be ensured that none of the three Ps of Profit, Planet and People is negotiated.

The manner in which the events are designed has to be transformed in terms of program and structure layout.

Innovative though the process is the need of the hour for the MICE sector, explained Ms. Khanna. People must be engaged in new modes such as their smart phones. The last but not the least vital factor is the content of events. It is very crucial to have maximum content for events and the ROI.

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