Be mesmerized by the Romantic gondolas and Gothic style architecture in Italy


If you wish to have a memorable vacation, then the best travel option would be to head to Italy. It is the nation that has the maximum World Heritage Sites of the UNESCO. Its cities boast of the Romantic gondolas and the gothic style of architecture. Diverse travel packages to Italy are available by leading travel agents across the globe that has more than 40 million tourists visiting the nation every year.

It is not just the art and architecture of Italy that attracts travelers across the world to visit this nation but also its serene nature, alpine lakes and beautiful beaches. Italy has innumerable appealing destinations that attract tourists and it’s not an easy task to compile the top most locations. Nevertheless, let’s try to have a bird’s eye view of the most visited places in Italy.

Canals of Venice:


Venice is referred as the most beautiful of water cities and is popular as the City of water. The unique Italian style of architecture along the Grand Canal and the romantic gondolas has helped it to qualify for this status. Venice is gifted with more than 150 canals that enhance its beauty and are the chief characteristics of this city.



Rome has the largest and the most renowned amphitheater of the world in the form of Colosseum. It has the capacity to accommodate around 50,000 audiences who would enter the amphitheater through the 80 entrances that it had. The spectators received protection from the heat and rain through the sails known as velarium.

Santa Maria Del Fiore:


The Basilica di Santa Maria Del Fiore of the Florence city is a mesmerizing cathedral that is verily the symbol of the city. It is also one of the largest churches in Italy. Its dome was also the largest in the world until the dawn of the modern era.

Piazza Del Campo:


Piazza Del Campo one of the greatest squares in Europe of the medieval era, is situated in the remarkable center in Siena of Tuscany. Its architectural uniqueness and beauty is popular all over the world. The horse race that is held two times every year the Palio di Siena, involves going around the Piazza del Campo. A thick layer of dirt is laid three times which does not remain for more than a minute.



The Vesuvius volcano that erupted in the 79 AD covered the Pompeii town in its vicinity with ash and mud. This resulted in conserving the city in its same condition from that disastrous day. The entire city including its people, paintings, tables and jars were made timeless.

The excavation of this city has provided an unusually comprehensive understanding of the life and times of the inhabitants who dwelled in this city around two thousand years past. At present Pompeii has emerged as the most renowned attractive destinations in Italy and more than 2,500,000 tourists annually.

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