Tips and Trips for the Brand New Traveller

It is said that in India’s domestic aviation industry, every flight has around 30 percent first time flyers. India is growing, and so are the number of travelers who have access and options available to them with premium services rendered by companies like X! Travel Club. We know that some of you will be aspiring tourists who have not left Indian shores to explore the rest. We know from our clients, especially the young adults that joy, hope, excitement and fear dries their pre-travel plans. As you don’t know what to expect, do expect a range of emotions taking you for a ride. Young, inexperience and rookie mistake are common; to provide a little ease of emotions, X! Travel Club would like to give you some tips for your first trip.

Tips to Traveler


Fear is natural.

Fear is an animal instinct that keeps us on our toes and vigilant to a fault. Taking that giant the leap into the unknown may be scary, but you aren’t the first person to do so and you know that you wont be the last. Discover new continents or exploring uncharted territories that you never heard of and planned to. X! TC would say to you, relax.

Experience the journey

Normally, most travelers are on a schedule. They need to go back to their lives, work and family. This though doesn’t mean that you hurry through your holiday.You can’t see it all. In the end, all you will have to show for it are photos, stress, and a whirlwind of mixed experiences but no real knowledge of the places you have visited. Don’t rush your trip. Slow down. It gives you time to drink deep from a culture and take it all in.

Don’t be shy, be adventurous, Be free

Many people think that it takes courage to talk to people, but just look around. You are not alone, there are people who are just like you, a little shy and adventurous. They want to share their stories, experiences and journeys, says hello and make conversation.

X! Travel Club wants to invite you to explore the world and let your craving for your first journey be gratified. Contact our travel agents for custom-made tour packages to any place in the world you want to call home, if only for a few days.

Do read let us know your thoughts, questions and we will help you plan the perfect holiday.

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