Top five reasons to not miss visiting Cuba in 2017


With the arrival of 2017, reputed tour magazines and blogs have announced their list of most preferred destinations to travel for their adventures in the New Year. The common name that appears in all the destination lists is Cuba. In fact, the US Tour Operators Association has named Cuba as the hottest tourist destination for 2017. Several websites and tour portals have included Cuba in their list of the must visit tour destinations for 2017.

The island country goes on to make its name in the must see global destinations for tourists and let’s have a look at the top five reasons that contribute to making Cuba as the mandatory destination for tourists in 2017:

  1. In terms of the matchless passion for arts and culture, Cuba is known to b ea opulent country. The travelers who visit this island nation will take delight in the Afro-Cuban music that is performed all over the nation. A fusion of the Cuban reggae and Cuban rap are usually played at the local clubs. This is a comparatively more traditional Cuban music that is combined with latest lyrics, as quoted by the Travelers Today.
  2. Beach lover swill love to travel to Cuba due to its innumerable beaches with beautiful resorts in which they would love to take a dive. The cultural and traditional experience that Cuba provides to the tourists in the form of infinite musical harmony and unending coasts of perfectly striking white sand beaches makes it one of the top tourist destinations for this year. The best destinations as per the data of Travel and Leisure are Cayos Coco, Varadero Beach, Guardalavaca, Guillermo and Playa Sirena.
  3. The majority of the Cuban citizens will be found in the rural side engaged on their farms and tourists love to engage in conversations with them to experience the local Cuban life. There are two varieties of markets that can be explored by the travelers. One is the state-controlled market in which the food products are sold at very low prices. The second market is the private owned that permits farmers to sell their crops and produce directly.
  4. The common currency that is used by the travelers in Cuba is the convertible Cuban Peso. It is this currency that is used by the tourists for their expenses for restaurants, local transportation’s, and entry to museums, hotels, and lodges. The convertible Cuban Peso is lower as compared to the current dollar rate of the US.

5. Travel to Cuba is easier compared to moving to other nations even after certain modifications for immigration to Cuba that were announced by Barack Obama. The travelers can acquire the tourist visa to Cuba in a hassle free manner and its validity will depend on the nation of their nativity. The documents that are required for processing a visa to Cuba are in fact lesser when compared to the documents required to travel to destinations in Europe or Canada.

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