Zimbabwe Relaxes Visa Rules to Boost Tourism

Official statistics show that the country of Zimbabwe recorded a 9 percent increase in tourism arrivals last year to around the 2 million mark. This trend was mostly driven by African travelers who visit Zimbabwe. The Principal Director of the Department of Immigration for Zimbabwe, Mr. Clemence Masango, stated that the new rules were in response to calls by immigration and tourism businessmen towards a relaxed visa regime to boost its tourism industry.


“All SADC (Southern Africa Development Community) countries no longer need visas to enter Zimbabwe, as they are now in category A of our visa regime” explained Mr. Masango. He further adds that, “It is expected that the new visa regime will enhance migration flows into Zimbabwe with the resultant socio-economic benefits to the country.”

An official from the Government of Zimbabwe said that the African continent contributed 1,76 million;  while the Americas contributed to 76,751; Asia travelers were around 35,000; while Europe and the Middle East contributed to 149,000 & 3,990 respectively. Lastly, the Oceania region contributed to 26,000 travel immigrants in 2014.

Zimbabwe visa information: The Zimbabwe immigration system contains a three tier visa model classified into classes A, B & C. Category A refers to countries whose nationals are unit exempt from visa needs, whereas those in class B get visas on arrival. Class C nationals need to secure visas before travel.

By relaxing visa needs, the southern African country of Zimbabwe hopes to enhance perceptions of the country, long considered a security risk. The Government of Zimbabwe has, with immediate impact, revised and cleared a number of its visa needs in efforts to spice up business within the nation. Consequently, all SADC need not apply for a visa to go to Zimbabwe. Additionally, thirty seven nations worldwide have been shifted to a more friendly visa class.

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