Every traveler hopes to experience something unique while traveling. Some want to recharge after a hectic period of work
while some want to reconnect with their families. Package holidays and group tours are not always the best options in this scenario.
Which brings us to X! Travel Club’s custom holidays. Tailored to your need, our customized holidays give you
the most immersive holiday experience.

Customized to your interests

A holiday built around the kind of activities that you would like to do. From adventure sports to sightseeing, we create an itinerary that helps you have the most fulfilling holiday. We’ll help you choose the perfect destination and then manage the entire process of getting you there.

Customized to your budgets

Per person packages often work out expensive or don’t seem to cover all that you want to do. With X!Travel Club’s customized holidays, we help you go on holiday in a group budget you’ve decided on. Our experienced travel planners will optimize this budget to get more holiday per rupee.

Customized to your timelines

Whether its summer or winter, a weekend or a fortnight, your itinerary can be customized to your timelines. The destinations and activities we suggest will be the best itinerary that your timelines can accommodate.

A holiday tailored to your tastes

Book a custom holiday

Customize your holiday with us

Planned by travelers

When you’ve got real travelers planning your holiday, you know you’re set for something special.

Every kind of holiday

Whether you want to visit Antarctica, trek on Mt.Kilimanjaro or discover Venice, wse’ve got you covered.

Comprehensive support

From visas to on-ground support & advice, we take care of all the boring details that are critical to a happy holiday.

best deals

With our global alliances and network, we can get you the best deal on every kind of holiday.